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A Tale of Two Agencies: A Story of Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Two agencies, one story. Join for a story of successful cross-departmental collaboration on transit priority projects.

Via Transportation •
The stakes are high for transportation projects, literally! For any given transportation project, there are dozens of stakeholder groups involved. Beyond the technical challenges of project implementation, there are the people challenges: consensus building at project conception, collaborating on complex ideas across teams and departments, clearly explaining tradeoffs with non-technical stakeholders, and collecting public feedback for ultimate project support and buy-in. In this webinar, Adam Smith with Metro Transit and Jasna Hadzic-Stanek with City of Minneapolis will talk about their collaboration and partnership for the B-Line BRT project. They’ll discuss the challenges of working cross-departmentally and how they approached those challenges. You’ll also hear from Remix as we reveal our newest collaboration features.