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Word on the street: Public transit isn’t dead

News about the future of transportation. This time around we’re bringing you 3 ways to upgrade transit, a round-up of grants, and our brand-new podcast.

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Public transit isn’t dead.
It’s just ready for a serious makeover, and cities are using COVID-19 as the catalyst for some long-overdue change. Think of it as the ultimate spring cleaning solution, with the goal of drawing riders back and capturing subsequent revenue. But there’s not some “one size fits all” answer, with the right approach for each city falling on a spectrum. Check out three ways cities are tackling what’s next, from smart tech tweaks to completely reenvisioning the future of mobility. Transit Routes
Three ways to upgrade transit
podcast The Dispatch.
Who needs another podcast, right? Lucky for you, we made one that's bite-sized and jam-packed with the good stuff. In 20 minutes or less, you'll learn a whole lot about our shared obsession: how to move the world. This month, we dispatched three new episodes where we hear from partners changing the way their networks operate, using technology to safely draw riders back to public transportation — whether that’s in Brazil’s densest city, or suburban and rural communities in the UK and US. Come geek out with us on all things transit.
How Austin, TX cracked the code on suburban and rural public transit
Tackling public transit in the most densely populated city in Brazil
Less is more: how one city in the UK is growing its public transport during a pandemic
Lockdowns lift. Cities awaken. Now what?
American physicist and author Heinz Pagels once said that “the world changed from having the determinism of a clock to having the contingency of a pinball machine.” After these past few months, we know what he means. This golden age of uncertainty will allow us to not only fix what’s broken about transportation, but springboard our ideas into a whole new dimension. There are significant, serious challenges, yes, but nothing that a little focus and imagination can’t solve.
Employers pilot new ways to get their teams back to the office
A flight to single-occupancy vehicles could undo progress in reducing congestion
Technology can save public transportation. Here’s how.
Follow the money.
$22M FOR CLEANER TRANSIT: The state of California announced it’s accepting grant applications to help with transit projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support access to transportation. The $22 million in grant funding is for up to three projects and is due August 31 (with a webinar on June 30).   €30M FOR ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSIT IN GERMANY: The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in Germany issued a pre-announcement on anticipated transit funding to be published later this summer. The pre-announcement suggested that funding grants of up to €30 million per project will be available to strengthen public transit as part of the 2030 climate protection program.   $40M TO INCREASE MOBILITY: USDOT is launching a new department-wide initiative to expand access to transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, and individuals of low income. The Complete Trip - ITS4US Deployment Program will funnel $40 million to showcase innovative business partnerships, technologies, and practices that promote independent mobility.   £220M TO INNOVATE BRITAIN’S BUSES: The Department for Transport put £220 million of fresh funding on the table to make everyday bus journeys more sustainable, efficient, and connected to the communities they serve. This includes dedicated chunks of financial support to areas historically cut off from public transport, as well as a focus on digitization, electric fleets, and on-demand technology.   $300K FOR GRASSROOTS MOD: The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) announced three grants of up to $300K to fund “grassroots-driven mobility on demand solutions.” The aim is to increase inclusion in services for people with disabilities and older adults, with the funds available for the identification, planning and development of MOD solutions.
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