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TransitTech streamlines planning expands coverage in New South Wales

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) relies on Remix and Via for collaborative, optimized planning and transit coverage.

Via Transportation •

TfNSW at a glance.

  • Geography: Urban, Suburban
  • Fixed-route fleet: 2500
  • On-demand fleet: 6 fully accessible buses

How the agency is using Via and Remix.

  • Use cases: First-and-last mile, Strategic planning, Accessibility analysis, O-D analysis, Street design 

Increasing congestion and parking pressure in three fast-growing Sydney suburbs posed a growing problem for the team over at Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW). Simultaneously, stakeholder conversations were inefficient and consensus-building continued to be time-consuming. 

That's when TfNSW turned to Via and Remix: The former partnered with the agency's operator, Busways, to launch an on-demand first-and-last-mile service that’s integrated with TfNSW’s network and Opal ticketing system. The latter allowed TfNSW to design and iterate on projects like connecting the northwest suburbs to Sydney Metro. TfNSW was recognized for a human-centered design approach after using Remix in public workshops.

Quantifying the results.

  • 55% of Cooee Busways riders previously made the same trips by private car
  • 53 fewer metric tons of CO2 emissions since launching Cooee Busways
  • 210,000 fewer km driven since launching Cooee Busways
  • 425 Individual users of Remix across multiple depts within TfNSW

What transit leaders are saying.

“We’re getting people out of their cars, easing traffic congestion, and making the integrated transport network work better for people.” - Byron Rowe, Busways Managing Director “Remix was an integral part in letting us iterate the network quickly and for sharing concepts with customers.” - Kira Evans, Transport Planner