Transit leaders in Illinois, West Virginia, and New Mexico share their top scheduling tips. Watch now.

Southwest transit leaders on the many uses for microtransit

The South West Transit Association spotlights two agencies in Missouri and Texas to learn how to utilize affordable microtransit solutions to supplement existing transit options.


A bus network redesign refocusing fixed routes on high-density urban areas (and pulling them out of low-density suburbs) and an employment hub in need of first-and-last mile transit options for workers: Two distinct challenges, both solved by microtransit

In this webinar, hosted by the South West Transit Association (SWTA) and hosted by Via’s Laney Cloud, two transit leaders talk more about how their investments in on-demand services started and how strategic expansions have led to ridership increases — even during COVID-19:

  • Wayne Gensler, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Bus and Paratransit at Trinity Metro in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Lisa L. Cagle, Director of Innovative Services at Metro St. Louis.


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