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Delaware is building a fully integrated rural transit network

Veronica Vanterpool, Senior Advisor at the Federal Transit Administration and former Chief Innovation Officer at Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), sits down with Mass Transit magazine to discuss DTC'S upcoming integrated mobility pilot.

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Boosting rural mobility, promoting economic development and equity, and supporting sustainability initiatives — it's a mouthful of goals, but Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) is taking all of them on with a single, seamless solution: Integrated mobility.

Using a federal Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) grant the agency secured late last year, DTC is partnering with Via to pilot an Integrated Mobility Solution in Georgetown, located in rural Sussex County. The pilot will transform DTC’s existing fixed route and paratransit infrastructure in and around Georgetown and introduce on-demand technology as a way to expand access to employment and health care services. All without adding more vehicles to the streets and reducing the agency's carbon footprint.

In this conversation with Mass Transit Magazine's Executive Editor Mischa Wanek-Libman, former DTC Chief Innovation Officer, Veronica Vanterpool, digs into the motivation behind the project, how it works, and what integration could mean for the future of mobility in Delaware.