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Miami-Dade County, Florida, US

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Miami-Dade County uses Via and Remix to increase access, ease congestion, and grow transit ridership.

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Miami-Dade at a glance.

  • Geography: Urban, Suburban
  • Fixed-route fleet: 700
  • On-demand fleet: 15 vehicles including 5 WAVs

How the County is using Via and Remix.

  • Use cases: First-and-last mile, Network redesign, Accessibility analysis, Shared mobility management, Street design

Miami-Dade County needed to undertake a system redesign and effectively present innovative ideas to stakeholder departments. At the same time, residents were experiencing difficulty connecting to transit hubs, universities, and medical centers, while transit services were seeing a decline in ridership.

With the new, Via-powered GoConnect service, the County provides shared, first-and-last mile rides to and from Metrorail Stations. The on-demand service is fully integrated with the County’s fixed route network. Remix offers the County a holistic platform with transit planning, street design, and mobility management, that has enabled them to gain process efficiencies, save staff time, and ensure accurate design concepts. 

Quantifying the results.

  • 20 on-demand ride requests per hour during peak
  • 6.5 minute average wait time for Go Connect vs 30 minutes with fixed routes
  • +353,000 additional residents with access to a frequent bus route (every <15 min) after Better Bus Project
  • 71% fewer software programs needed during process

What transit leaders are saying.

“This project offers the County yet another much-needed transit solution… a great example of how we are spearheading results-driven change for public transportation in a cost-effective way for our County.” – Carlos Gimenez, County Mayor

“Before Remix, it was a non-starter to bring innovative ideas. With this technology, we now have opened doors to a dialogue that otherwise would not have happened.” – Carlos Cruz-Casas, Assistant Director

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