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ViaVan and BVG Receive German Federal Inclusion Award for BerlKönig Service

Via Launches New VetRides Program with the DC Mayor’s Office for Veterans Affairs and Department of For-Hire Vehicles

ViaVan and Shell Launch Fast-Charging EV Shared Ride Project in Amsterdam

Aims to realize the potential of shared electric fleets in urban environments

Report: On-Demand Transit Can Help Solve the Urban Mobility Conundrum

A new study by Boston Consulting Group takes a close look at on-demand microtransit, with results decidedly showing that “on-demand transit services work,” with the potential to reduce traffic by 15-30% while providing a more efficient and comfortable way of traveling.

The Top Four Questions to Ask Before Investing in Microtransit

As public transportation ridership declines and traffic congestion reaches an all-time high, transit leaders are looking to build a new solution.

City of Newcastle Chooses Via to Expand its On-Demand Public Transport System

ViaVan Launches New On-Demand Shared Ride Service in Bielefeld with moBiel

ViaVan Announces First Fully Electric Fleet for On-Demand Shared Rides in the UK

Hyundai Autonomous Cars Hit the Streets in Irvine, California

Cooee Busways Integrates On-Demand Transport with Australia’s New Multi-Modal ‘Opal Connect’ Platform