Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies

Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies

The COVID-19 outbreak has cities and transit agencies scrambling to provide new forms of transportation for essential staff and emergency services, including food deliveries and medical necessities.

How to successfully launch and grow an on-demand transportation service

Launching a microtransit network requires cities and operators to determine everything from the type of vehicle to ways they plan to promote ridership.

Fighting airport traffic and congestion with microtransit

How airports are relieving pickup zone congestion with a smarter approach to the passenger shuttle.

ViaVan and BVG introduce dynamic mobility solution during coronavirus pandemic for essential workers

BerlKönig service to temporarily shift focus to provide free and exclusive use by healthcare workers until April 19

Bringing the school bus into the digital era

How to integrate modern school bus software technology to create efficiencies and boost visibility for students, guardians, and administrators.

The next generation of public transit

How microtransit and on-demand transit could help bring aging U.S. public transportation into a new era of convenient, flexible, and accessible ridership.

The stagnant state of public transit

Is aging public transportation infrastructure in the U.S. reaching a breaking point?

Via’s on-demand public bus service with Jersey City is growing rapidly with high demand

NJ’s first on-demand public bus service proven highly successful; closing transit gaps and expanding connectivity for residents

Dubai RTA launches on-demand public transportation powered by Via

The new service “Dubai Bus on Demand” solves the city’s first and last mile challenge, connecting more riders to transit hubs throughout the rapidly growing metropolis.

ViaVan launches a shared ride service in Lübeck with SVHL

Powered by ViaVan’s technology, LÜMO will expand late-night weekend access to public transit

Bay Area cities take microtransit for a spin

Two Bay Area communities share their experience launching on-demand transportation services in public-private partnerships.

How cities are making it easier to age in place

Cities and community leaders are investing in new kinds of on-demand public transit, making it more convenient for local seniors to regain their freedom.