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Questions to ask before investing in demand-responsive transport

As public transport ridership declines and congestion reaches an all-time high, leaders are looking to build demand-responsive solutions, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

How to design a demand-responsive transport service that passengers love

Building a demand-responsive transport network isn't easy. Here's everything you should consider when designing yours.

Britain’s next generation of public transport is demand-responsive

How demand-responsive transport could help bring aging networks into a new era of convenient, flexible, and accessible ridership, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

ViaVan and Stagecoach launch new demand-responsive transport service for NHS workers in the UK

Partners introduce ViaVan’s technology platform as a solution to efficiently scale access to transport for critical healthcare workers across the UK

Employers pilot new ways to get their teams back to the office

As shelter-in-place restrictions begin to lift globally, many companies are realizing that the real hurdle is how to get their employees to the office safely.

Companies are helping employees eliminate the distraction of driving

Corporations are investing to reduce the daily burden of commuting, improving quality of life and productivity with a new kind of corporate shuttle, while recognizing that COVID-19 is still a worldwide concern.

15 cities and companies that have redefined transportation during COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19: New ways cities and companies are adapting their transportation resources to support their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cities are using public transportation to deliver essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic

Using routing technology usually reserved for on-demand microtransit, cities are delivering emergency relief like medicine and meals as more residents shelter in place.

Genuine Foods and Via launch emergency meal delivery service for D.C. students

Genuine Foods leverages Via’s technology for on-demand public transit to support increased need for at-home meals during the COVID-19 crisis

D.C. Bowser Administration and Via launch transportation solution for essential healthcare workers

Department of For-Hire Vehicles and Via repurpose D.C. Neighborhood Connect to provide essential workers with flat-rate rides citywide

Ben Franklin Transit and Via to launch new on-demand service beginning on April 20 in West Pasco

Word on the Street: Coronavirus jolts the world. Transportation joins the fight.

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