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Case Study

Via Metro STL

St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Use Case



12 vehicles including 2 WAVs


of rides begin or end at a light rail station


of riders commute to jobs in an area with no reliable transit service before Via


rider rating



In June 2020, Metro Transit, the public transit provider for St. Louis, Mo, partnered with Via to design, launch, and operate a microtransit service for residents and commuters in two distinct zones. The project forms part of the City’s efforts to increase public transit ridership, improve accessibility, and limit the need for private vehicle use throughout the region.



In June 2020, Via launched “Via Metro STL,” an
on-demand transit service in two areas within the city. In the South zone, Via Metro STL encourages transit use by providing seamless connections to Metro’s broader network. In the North zone, Via Metro STL provides overnight service for shift workers who need rides during hours with limited fixed-route service. Together, Via Metro STL’s two zones demonstrate microtransit’s ability to address a wide range of mobility needs, even within a
single city.




The mobility needs of the St. Louis region are constantly evolving. Innovative on-demand and microtransit options like Via Metro STL allow us to grow and adapt to better meet the changing needs of our customers."

Jessica Medford-Miller
Executive Director of Metro Transit

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