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ViaVan and Shell launch fast-charging EV shared ride project in Amsterdam

ViaVan, Europe’s leader in public mobility, and Shell are launching an innovative electric mobility project in Amsterdam. The project brings together ViaVan's expertise in on-demand mobility technology with Shell's extensive capabilities in charging solutions to demonstrate the viability of deploying shared, electric vehicle fleets in urban environments. The program will integrate ViaVan’s on-demand technology and operations, “Shell Recharge” technology, and charging station infrastructure into one seamless system. ViaVan and Shell aim to demonstrate that high-capacity electric fleets can improve performance when routing to available chargers is intelligently optimized.

ViaVan has developed technology that enables electric vehicles to operate efficiently as part of large-scale
fleets delivering shared rides. This “EV Operating System” includes a powerful EV routing algorithm which
maximizes the range and battery utilization of electric vehicles. In Amsterdam, the system will monitor the
real-time battery status of all vehicles in the fleet, calculate upcoming charging tasks and intelligently route
vehicles to a Shell charging stations. Passengers can book an electric shared ride through an "eVia” request
on the ViaVan mobile app.

Forward-thinking cities like Amsterdam have made extensive investments in public charging infrastructure.
Making the most efficient use of this infrastructure involves a complex interplay between private vehicles,
mobility provider fleets, and geographically dispersed charging stations. Using an "EV Operating System"
could hold significant potential for municipalities to gain further control of grid usage across the city, both
through better planning and more efficient on-demand use of their charging assets.

Amsterdam was selected as the initial market for the project in large part for its commitment to transport
sustainability. The City has stated clear goals to achieve zero-emission transport by 2025. As home to both
ViaVan’s first shared ride service in Europe and Shell’s Technology Centre in Amsterdam, the collaborators
aim to play a key role in the realization of this goal.

“The successful integration of electric vehicles into fleets of on-demand shared shuttles is a complex
operational challenge that requires smart EV technology. We are excited to partner with Shell to
demonstrate that when technology interacts with infrastructure, we have the ability to bring innovative,
congestion-reducing and sustainable solutions to cities that have the potential to evolve public
transportation towards a greener, shared future,” said Chris Snyder, ViaVan CEO.

“We put customers at the heart of all our solutions and are looking forward to this opportunity to prove the viability of a new solution for electric fleets in urban areas,” said Roger Hunter, VP Electric Mobility at Shell. “Partnerships will be critical to a successful energy transition and we are excited to work alongside ViaVan.”

About ViaVan and electric mobility:
ViaVan is the leading provider of innovative public mobility services in Europe. ViaVan was founded in 2017 as a joint venture between Via, the world’s most sophisticated developer of dynamic shared ride technology, and Mercedes-Benz Vans. Working closely with cities and public transit operators, ViaVan powers dynamic shared and electric mobility services that complement existing transportation infrastructure. Globally, ViaVan and parent company Via have been tapped by cities and transportation players to help re-engineer public transit from a regulated system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. With more than 90 transit partners in 20 countries, Via and ViaVan have provided more than 70 million rides to date.

ViaVan provides a comprehensive EV solution to partners which allows them to introduce zero-emission public transport in shared e-shuttles. In Berlin, through a partnership with Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), ViaVan powers and operates a majority electric fleet of on-demand, shared shuttles – the largest public sector deployment of shared shuttles in the world. In Milton Keynes, ViaVan’s on-demand service will be fully electric by 2020, and recently received a £544,000 grant from the UK Department for Transport meant for Ultra-Low Emission Transport Solutions.

About Shell and electric mobility: As one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, Shell is exploring how to serve an increasing number of electric vehicle drivers, on its forecourts and beyond. These initiatives are part of Shell’s wider drive to provide more and cleaner energy solutions around the world. Moving people and goods is vital for prosperity. How efficiently this is done is a critical part of the ongoing transition to a low-carbon energy system. A range of fuels and vehicle technologies will be required to meet growing mobility needs, while reducing emissions.

Shell is committed to the future of electric mobility in the Netherlands and announced earlier this year that it would accelerate the roll out of its ‘Shell Recharge’ fast charging infrastructure. In the coming years the Shell Recharge network will be expanded with 200 charging stations throughout the Netherlands. Shell’s NewMotion is one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging providers to homes and businesses. NewMotion operates more than 45,000 private charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK.