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Via is here to stay

Dear Via-istas,

The City Council has proposed new rules designed to make ridesharing safer, in part by requiring that all drivers pass fingerprint-based background checks. In response, Lyft and Uber are threatening to abandon Chicago.

We have a different message: Via is here to stay.

We firmly believe our goal -- affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly transit for every Chicagoan -- is in no way at odds with improving public safety.

Via-istas have completed nearly 5 million rides in New York City, where regulations similar to the ones proposed by the City Council are already in place.

Here in the Windy City, our service will remain as amazing as ever if we’re required to comply with these new safety rules. That’s because we already do! Every Via driver partner has passed the more stringent background checks.

Thousands of Chicagoans, members and driver partners alike, depend on Via for their livelihood and for a reliable transportation option that is always fairly priced. We’re here for you, Chicago, and we're here to stay.

With love,

Team Via Chicago

P.S. Double referral credit is BACK for one more week! If your referral takes a ride by 6/3, you’ll both earn $20 in Ride Credit. Let your friends know we’re here for the long haul!*

* Promotion applies to all referred first-time riders, regardless of referral or sign-up date, as long as they complete their first ride in Chicago between May 31 - June 3. Via’s standard referral credit ($10) will be granted at the time the first ride is complete and bonus Ride Credit ($10 per referral) will be granted by 11:59pm on the day of the ride.