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Via and Ticketer announce partnership to further the integration of demand-responsive transport as part of existing transport networks

June 16, 2021 (LONDON)-- Via, the leader in TransitTech, and Ticketer, the UK’s leading smart ticketing systems supplier, announce a partnership that will transform the way that bus operators, and local authorities in the UK are able to offer demand-responsive transport (DRT) solutions as part of a cohesive transport network. The partnership will combine Ticketer’s expertise and technology for onboard electronic ticketing and software, with Via’s platform for flexible DRT solutions to create a seamless and efficient integrated ticketing offering.

Across the UK, there is increasing interest in DRT as the Department for Transport (DfT) and local authorities look for ways to increase access to affordable, convenient, and equitable transport offerings that reduce private vehicle use. This is in connection to the clear and ambitious initiatives set by the DfT to drive innovation, accessibility and sustainability in transport in rural and urban areas.

As DRT networks prove to be a valuable solution to complement and extend conventional public transport where it is working well, and fill the gaps where it is needed most, there is a vast opportunity for these services to be better integrated with one another, supporting passenger journeys across both modes of transport.

The collaboration between Via and Ticketer will enable operators and local authorities across the UK to:

  • Introduce DRT networks that can be efficiently integrated to complement the conventional bus network
  • Use real-time data and information from conventional bus services and DRT to enable multimodal and intermodal journeys, booked by passengers through a single mobile app powered by Via’s technology
  • Integrate mobile ticketing that will allow passengers to purchase a single ticket for use on both conventional bus and DRT services within the same public transport network
  • Make informed decisions backed by data that enable providers to switch between DRT and conventional bus service, based on demand

“We have seen communities across the UK increasingly ask how they can implement new on-demand public transport services in traditionally underserved areas, while simultaneously supporting and enhancing existing bus services,” said Chris Snyder, CEO of Via Europe. “Via’s partnership with Ticketer represents an important step toward enabling transport authorities and operators to create integrated, efficient, data-driven transport networks that offer riders a unified journey planning and booking experience that seamlessly connects DRT with conventional bus services.”

Andy Monshaw, Group CEO at Ticketer agrees: “We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Via. We have long believed that connecting communities is critical, and DRT enables operators and local authorities to work together to offer an improved and seamless way to travel. Combining available transport options onto one platform that is easily accessible to users will simplify the passenger process and allow multi-modal transport journeys to be planned and paid for with ease. Integrating with Via’s flexible DRT solutions is just the start of Ticketer’s journey in creating an industry framework to enable partners seamlessly to integrate and deliver a more robust passenger experience.”

Transport for Wales (TfW), is a mutual partner of Via and Ticketer. Via’s technology powers “fflecsi”, a DRT service currently live in seven communities with the goal to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of the public bus on a nationwide scale by seeking to enhance existing bus routes and integrating with other local transport options. Since launch at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020, 73% of fflecsi riders surveyed have reduced their private vehicle usage, and the service has attracted new riders to public transport, with nearly 10% of riders saying they had never used bus services in their area prior to fflecsi. With Ticketer providing electronic ticket machines to a number of Welsh bus operators, this presents an opportunity to further streamline, and make available DRT trips, encouraging seamless connections to fixed-route lines without using a private vehicle.


About Via:

Founded in 2012, Via pioneered the TransitTech category by using new technologies to power public mobility systems, optimizing networks of dynamic shuttles, buses, wheelchair accessible vehicles, school buses, and autonomous vehicles around the globe. Building the world’s most efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation network for all riders — including those with limited mobility, those without smartphones, and unbanked populations — Via works with its partners to lower the cost of public transit and provide accessible options that rival the convenience of a personal car at a much reduced environmental impact. At the intersection of transportation and technology, Via is a visionary market leader that combines software innovation with sophisticated service design and operational expertise to fundamentally improve the way the world moves, with more than 500 global partners on five continents, and counting.

About Ticketer:

Ticketer is the UK’s leading public transport ticketing software and information systems provider. At Ticketer, things are done differently, by taking a platform approach to bring innovation to public transport. Whatever the fleet size, operators get value from every single hour Ticketer puts into R&D. From smart ticketing and contactless payments, to data-driven information based on customer needs, Ticketer connects the dots to ensure everyone has access to the latest technology. As a ticketing and data partner, Ticketer drives operational efficiencies and insights and fuels operator revenue. With a cloud-based offering that pushes updates and new features to operators at a click of a button, operators can confidently future-proof their business.