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The Privacy Policy for Supplemental Services

  • The privacy policy detailed above concerns solely activity concerning the Service. The App is liable to contain as part thereof provision of supplemental services (see above and below - "Supplemental Services"), which are beyond the Service's scope as defined in this Agreement, and all subject to that detailed in this section below.
  • If the User wishes to use the additional Service, it will be upon the User to confirm the Terms of Use of the supplemental services (as detailed in the Terms of Use of the Supplemental Services.)
  • The Service's Client bears no liability of any kind in connection with the supplemental services and the additional information that will be conveyed with respect thereof, and this includes in connection with commercial content, such as advertisements and announcements that will be published and/or given as part of the App in connection with the supplemental services, and this includes that it is not a party to any transaction that may be concluded in connection with the supplemental services.
  • It will be clarified that the information and data appearing in the App in the matter of the supplemental services may also be received from third parties, and it will be conveyed to the User as is, without any obligation on the part of the Service's Client, or his warranty of any kind whatsoever, either expressed or implied.
  • The App operator may provide supplemental services to the User, provided that the User's positive consent has been given to the Terms of Use.
  • The App operator and/or the Client may send a direct mail to the User and use the information provided by the User in the App, including the location and history of the User's uses, collected while using the Service for operating the App, improving public transportation in the State of Israel, and for updating the User concerning additional transportation products and services such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) services that are tailored to it and may be of interest to him, provided that as stated in Section 16.2 above, the User has given his consent in the App and/or his approval of the Terms of Use of each service provider.
  • The User will be entitled to order revocation of the authorization given as stated, at any time, in a return notification as part of a written request to the App operator's Customer Service Center. It is clarified that if the User is a customer of the App operator and/or of an entity that is part thereof in connection with supplemental or other services, the App operator and/or the entity that is part thereof will be allowed to use the information they possess about the User (not in connection with the Service defined in this Agreement) under the Terms of Use and the privacy policies relevant to the supplemental or other services approved by the User.
  • The App operator may change from time to time the provision of supplemental services, and the change as stated will not require any notification whatsoever. Changes of this type are liable to involve malfunctions or discomfort, and the User will not have any claim, suit, or demand, because of execution of the changes as stated, or malfunctions to the extent they occur, because of their execution.
  • It will be clarified that the Privacy Policy in this section relates to the supplemental services that may be offered as part of the App. If the App contains referrals or links to other applications or websites, the privacy practices that will apply will appear in the other applications or websites.