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Mobile Area Chamber Of Commerce Foundation and Via launch “MoGo Rideshare,” an on-demand transit pilot to expand access to career opportunities

The tech-enabled MoGo program will offer free rides to employment sites and low-cost rides to other locations in Mobile, Alabama

March 16, 2024 (MOBILE, ALABAMA) — The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Alabama is proud to introduce “MoGo Rideshare,” a new on-demand, app-based transit pilot program. The goal of MoGo is to enable citizens to reach employment, career training and other workforce opportunities in the City of Mobile by expanding access to convenient, affordable transportation.

“A recent Alabama Works! sponsored survey of 500 unemployed and underemployed Alabamians revealed that 31% of the respondents pointed to transportation challenges as their primary barrier to employment,” said Mobile Chamber President and CEO Bradley Byrne. “Our commitment to offering reliable and convenient transportation aims to eliminate this obstacle, so Mobile residents can seize job opportunities amid the unprecedented economic growth in our region.”

MoGo will use intelligent technology to provide transportation coverage in Mobile’s areas where buses can’t efficiently reach. Anyone within the 17-mile service zone of the pilot can instantly book a trip through the app or by calling a dedicated phone number. Algorithms from TransitTech provider Via will match riders heading in the same direction into one vehicle – creating quick, flexible shared trips. Riders will typically be directed to a “virtual bus stop” at a nearby corner for pickup and drop-off to minimize detours for other riders.

Because MoGo is designed to complement versus compete with Mobile’s transit network, the app will direct riders to a bus route if it is a more efficient way of completing a journey.

“Never has there been more investment in quality of life, infrastructure and economic growth in the City of Mobile. MoGo will help ensure that all Mobilians have access to economic opportunities and other essential destinations,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson. “We are excited to offer citizens this new innovative solution to expand transportation options in an affordable and sustainable way.”

“The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s purpose is to lead economic and community development initiatives to capitalize on our regional assets,” said Frank Lott III, chairman of the Foundation. “We are pleased to see the launch of MoGo Rideshare. This is a vital part of making sure that we can pair our growing industry with a willing and capable workforce.”

MoGo will be available seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Rides to and from certain employment and training centers (including AIDT training center, Airbus Manufacturing Facility, Austal USA, and FlightPath9) are free. Rides to other destinations within the Mobile service zone are just $1.25 each.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available upon request, and riders without smartphones can simply call 251-312-4372 to receive ride booking assistance.

The Mobile Chamber’s decision to launch MoGo follows a trend of recent investments in transit innovation across the southern United States. Via, the TransitTech company providing the software and operations for MoGo, works with more than 650 communities globally, and powers similar and successful on-demand transit programs in Birmingham, Ala.; Memphis, Tenn.; Baker, La.; and more.

MoGo is made possible through the federally-funded Carbon Reduction Program, which is designed to reduce transportation emissions in U.S. communities along with seed funding from the Community Foundation of South Alabama, the City of Mobile, Alabama Power Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield Caring Foundation.

“The Community Foundation of South Alabama is committed to increasing equal opportunities for families and one way to do this is to provide everyone access to efficient, affordable transportation through tech transit,” said Rebecca Byrne, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of South Alabama. “The impact this will have is truly transformational, greatly expanding access to jobs and training which is critical to closing the opportunity gap.”

How to ride

  1. Create an account. Download the MoGo Rideshare app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the simple signup steps.
  2. Book a ride. Enter your pickup and dropoff addresses, choose the ride that works best for you, and tap Book This Ride.
  3. Meet your driver. Check the app to find exactly when and where to meet the vehicle.

To learn more about MoGo, please visit: