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Grand Prairie, TX launches new on-demand Via rideshare service

April 11, 2022 (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX) — On April 12, 2022, the city of Grand Prairie will launch Via Grand Prairie, a new on-demand, shared public transportation service for $3 a ride. A minibus comes when you want and takes you where you want. To book a ride, riders can use the  mobile app or call 214-253-0874.  Once a ride is entered with pickup and drop-off locations, the system will provide ride options. Once an option is selected, riders are directed to a nearby “virtual bus stop” within a short walking distance, and a driver is dispatched to meet them at that location. 

The goal of Via Grand Prairie is to use technology to expand access to convenient, affordable, and sustainable transportation for residents and visitors to Grand Prairie. The service will be powered by Via, the global leader in TransitTech. Via’s advanced algorithms create quick, efficient shared trips that provide more flexibility for riders than traditional public transportation options with fixed routes and schedules. 

“The city is thrilled to be able to offer this ride share, low-cost transportation option to residents, students, workers and visitors,” said Mayor Ron Jensen. “For a very reasonable cost, now you can get from here to there when you want.  Decades ago voters elected to use the penny that could’ve gone to DART, for other purposes, which is how the city has build Lone Star Park, The Summit, The Epic, EpicWaters, EpicCentral, and the Public Safety Building; established continual park and street improvements; and more. Via Grand Prairie helps fill that need for transportation for people who may not have a car, may not drive or just want to leave the driving to someone else.”  

"Via Grand Prairie represents the forefront of innovative mobility in Texas, and we are proud to partner with the city to use Via's software to expand convenient and equitable access to public transit for residents," said Dillon Twombly, Chief Revenue Officer at Via. "Services like Via Grand Prairie create new opportunities to generate positive social, environmental, and economic impact, and we look forward to seeing how residents will use the service in their daily lives."

Via Grand Prairie is a shared ride service, so other passengers may be picked up and dropped off along the way. To keep things running quickly and smoothly for everyone, riders will be asked to meet the van at a nearby corner (or “virtual bus stop”) instead of exactly at the address entered — that way, the driver can get everyone to their destination without making any detours.

Via Grand Prairie operates Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.  For $3 per one-way trip,  will pick you up in Grand Prairie and take you to your destination in Grand Prairie.  Add additional passengers for just $1.  Seniors (65+) ride for $2 per trip.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.

Via Grand Prairie will also serve four nearby college campuses (two of which are a $4 trip due to the longer distance):

  • Tarrant County Community College $3/trip
  • University of Texas at Arlington $3/trip
  • Dallas Baptist University $4/trip
  • Mountain Creek Community College $4/trip

Riders can book an on-demand ride by app; or  by phone.  

When setting up an account, riders can add a credit/debit card. When a ride is booked, the rider can choose whether to pay using the card on file or with exact cash on board. Please note that drivers do not have change. Credit cards are charged after completing a ride. 

Via Grand Prairie will serve as a complement to thee city’s existing Grand Connection bus service, which is specifically for elderly and disabled residents.

How to ride with Via Grand Prairie

Follow these steps to get on board.

  1. Create an account.

Download the Via Grand Prairie app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the signup steps.  

  1. Book a ride. 

Enter pickup and drop-off addresses. If you’re ready to go right away, tap Book This Ride.  If you want to schedule a ride in advance, hit the Schedule button and choose the day/time you want to travel.  You can also book rides by calling 214-253-0874.

  1. Meet your driver.

We’ll assign you a “virtual bus stop” —a pickup spot nearby that helps us avoid detours. Check the app to find out exactly where it is. It may be a short walk from the address you gave us.  Meet your driver.  We'll give you an ETA for your driver — you can follow along in real-time in the app so you know when to meet the vehicle outside.

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About Via

Via builds innovative software to enable our customers—cities, transit agencies, transport operators, school districts, universities, and corporations—to transform their legacy transportation systems into advanced digital networks. As pioneers of the TransitTech category, Via’s mission is to expand access to efficient, affordable, and sustainable transportation. Via’s software enables organizations to digitize their existing transportation networks and launch new and innovative services, simultaneously lowering operating costs and increasing quality of service. Our software is used in over 500 communities in more than 35 countries around the world.