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Citymapper, the ultimate journey planning app, unlocks features that make it easier to prioritize safety, convenience, and speed on every trip

2 May 2023 (LONDON) — Citymapper, the ultimate transport app, announces the release of newly unlocked features that will help users move confidently around their cities. Citymapper is known for a seamless and best-in-class user experience in journey planning and has been an Apple “App of the Year” the last five years in a row. The app (available on iOS and Android) will now give all users access to free, premium features that make it easier than ever to prioritize safety, convenience, and speed on every journey.

Transport can be unpredictable, and the newly unlocked features, previously only available with a CLUB subscription, help users select the best option and navigate with ease in real time. The move immediately follows Citymapper’s acquisition by Via in March of 2023, and is part of the company’s commitment to expand access to the Citymapper app and to encourage public transit ridership in cities around the world.

On average in 2020, nearly 50 percent of traffic-related deaths in London, Paris, and New York involved cyclists and pedestrians, underscoring the importance of technology designed to keep active travelers aware of their surroundings.

  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walk, cycle, scooter, and public transport enables hands-free travel across multiple modes of transport with real-time audio instructions. Instructions are set to the actual speed of a bike or a footstep for the most accurate timing.
  • Lock screen navigation now enables Citymapper users to check their progress and live activity without unlocking their phone (iOS only).

All Citymapper users can now also choose to “Walk Less”, minimizing outdoor walking in inclement weather and after the sun goes down. Four out of five women and two out of five men in the UK felt unsafe walking alone after dark, and “Walk Less” helps users move confidently, whatever the time of day.

Citymapper helps users to better plan and choose their journeys by providing real-time travel information and ETAs. The app also offers personalized routing features that can help travelers  navigate any situation and choose how they want to reach their destination – whether on foot, by bike or scooter, on board a local bus, or using a combination of modes.

  • SIMPLE – Choose the most direct route with the fewest transfers, even if it takes longer.
  • MIXED – Combine public transport with bike, scooter, and taxi, showing multiple trip options. Enables users to reach destinations far away from the public transport using different modes of transportation.
  • BUS+ – Even more bus-only options.
  • TRAIN+ – Even more train and metro options for faster trips.
  • PRICE – Rank routes by fare.

Amidst rising traffic congestion and busy schedules, getting where you need to go quickly and efficiently is often a primary consideration. Newly released Citymapper features use advanced, real-time data to help Citymapper users make informed decisions so they can choose the fastest journey.

  • Turbo – Rank routes by speed, with refreshed travel data every minute.
  • Trip Forecast – Compare all trips for a given route in the next hour, and pick when to leave (Android only). Perfect for trips to the airport and important meetings, users can see multiple departure times to better plan when exactly to leave home and reduce down time waiting for the bus or train, arriving at their destination on time.

The Citymapper CLUB subscription is now available as a paid, advertising-free experience for £1.49 / month (applies to all currencies), which represents a 50% discount over the prior price.

About Citymapper:
Citymapper is an innovative journey planning and transportation technology company that has transformed the way that millions of users navigate their cities. Available in hundreds of cities worldwide, Citymapper is the ultimate transport app, serving as a single destination for users to find the most efficient, affordable, and convenient way to reach their destination. Powered by real-time transport information and best-in-class technology, Citymapper recommends routes across multiple modes of transport, including metros, buses, trams, bikes, scooters, and taxis. Citymapper was acquired by Via, the leader in TransitTech, in March 2023. The integration of Citymapper into Via’s software platform creates a unified solution for cities, transit agencies, and riders that encourages public transit usage and reduces the need for private vehicles.