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A letter to our New York City riders

Dear Via-istas,

We founded Via with a clear vision: a smart, on-demand mass transit system that would seamlessly supplement a city’s existing public transportation network.

Back in 2012, the concept of dynamic public transit was new and unproven. As our service in NYC grew -- thanks to your support! -- it served as a clear demonstration of the power of technology to transform the way people move.

Inspired by our success in NYC, cities and transit authorities around the world began using our software to improve their own public transportation systems. We, in turn, greatly expanded the scope of our software, creating technology to digitize everything from school buses, to paratransit services, to planning public transit networks.

We call this TransitTech: software that powers data-driven, technology-enabled public transportation. It’s a new and exciting category and we’re proud to have led its creation.

Today, cities across the world overwhelmingly recognize the value of TransitTech - our software is used by 540 communities in more than 35 countries.

With adoption of TransitTech rapidly accelerating, now is the time to complete our evolution from a rideshare operator to a global software company whose technology powers the public transit systems of hundreds, and in the future, we believe, thousands of cities. We are turning our full attention to Via’s core mission: enabling cities everywhere to create more accessible, efficient, equitable, and convenient public transit.

As of December 20th, we will discontinue our New York rideshare service.*

It’s an emotional decision to close the chapter on our rideshare operations, but it’s the right one.

To all of our riders and drivers: we’ve loved every ride and we will miss you! We are incredibly grateful to you all and you will forever be in our hearts.

From Montana, where our technology enables a shuttle service for residents of the Blackfeet Reservation, to right across the river, where our software powers public transit in Jersey City -- we can’t wait to welcome you on board Via-powered public transit.

With love,
Daniel and Oren, Co-founders of Via

*For questions about how this will impact your Via account, please head here: