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Case Study

Golden Empire Transit

Bakersfield, CA.



Use Case

Microtransit, Paratransit, NEMT





Increase in passengers per hour


Percent of microtransit trips





Golden Empire Transit (GET) managed their non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), paratransit, and microtransit services using two different software packages and a spreadsheet. Starting in October 2020, over the course of six weeks, Via worked with GET to optimize efficiency across their transportation network. Leveraging Via’s technical and operational expertise, GET transitioned the three transit programs to a unified digital management platform.

GET on demand-with bg


Thanks to Via’s Integrated Mobility Solution, GET has consolidated and simplified scheduling and dispatching efforts. The trip planning algorithm enables drivers to pick up riders across service types, in the same shift — resulting in a 33% increase in passengers per hour. 25% of paratransit riders have used the microtransit service. GET is now able to help riders make dial-in bookings for all 3 services through the same, user-friendly system, while microtransit riders can also leverage an intuitive app to book rides. To streamline pickups, drivers use one app (with filters and clear service distinctions) across all services. Via’s software solution helps reduce unnecessary complexity, and funnel resources for supply at the lowest possible operating cost.




For us as a business, there is greater efficiency…we’re carrying more people per passenger hour with this software, and we’re gaining some economies of scale that we didn’t have before."

Karen King
CEO, Golden Empire Transit

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