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How America’s mayors are transforming their communities with tech-enabled transit services

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Hear from 8 innovative mayors on the benefits of their new transit systems.

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These mayors saw transportation challenges in their communities — whether transit deserts, inadequate access for seniors and other groups, or rising congestion and emissions — and took action to develop and implement new transit services entirely from scratch. Hear directly from them, and learn how tech-enabled transit has transformed communities large and small across the country.

Closing transit gaps and connecting transit deserts.

Mayor Steven Fulop (Jersey City, New Jersey)

“Via Jersey City is breaking ridership records and connecting the exact communities we targeted with more affordable service to close transit gaps, increased access to jobs and education, improved connectivity. The data shows our low income and diverse populations are benefiting most.”

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan (Seattle, Washington)

“As we continue to build a city of the future, we are providing new ways for our neighbors to access transit…this new first-last mile connection will help ensure that South Seattle residents have more options for safely and quickly getting to key transit hubs.”

Increasing transit access and independence.

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller (Newton, Massachusetts)

“Reliable, safe, affordable transportation is a key to giving people options for staying involved in their community as they phase out driving. This is a ground-breaking program that I really think can be a game-changer.”

Former Mayor Christopher Cabaldon (West Sacramento, California)

“For seniors, it’s been a game changer. For teenagers — a game changer. For parents — a game changer. About 40% of youth say they are working now and could not have had a job without this service. It’s also cheaper for us. Per ride, it’s dramatically less expensive than the transit system. So a pretty powerful innovation.”

Former Mayor Jeff Williams (Arlington, Texas)

“Our ridership has been great. Our customer satisfaction has been super. The convenience of not having to worry about either, how do you get to the bus station, or when you get off the bus, how do you get to where you want to go — it’s just been off the charts.”

Reducing traffic congestion.

Former Mayor Steven Scharf (Cupertino, California)

“This partnership with Via is the next generation of what public transportation can be, allowing us to increase mobility while taking a step toward our larger goal of reducing traffic congestion across Cupertino.”

Delivering data-driven transit solutions with new technology.

Mayor Eric Genrich (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

“Green Bay Metro continues to innovate to meet the needs of our transit riders. I look forward to the continued evolution and expansion of GBM On-Demand in the coming months and years, as we strive to find ways to meet the mobility needs of all community residents with 21st century technologies.”

Former Mayor Carlos A. Giménez (Miami-Dade County, Florida)

“I am thrilled that we are launching GO Connect, Miami-Dade County’s firstever on-demand public transit network. This project offers the County yet another much-needed transit solution, and it’s a great example of how we are spearheading results-driven change for public transportation in a cost-effective way for our County.”


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