Via Strategies

Innovation-driven mobility consulting and transit planning, pairing advanced simulation technology with our experience as the world’s leading developer of public mobility technology.

We help transit agencies, cities, transit operators and other partners develop and optimize multimodal transportation networks and explore how innovative transit solutions can improve quality of service, increase ridership, lower costs, and improve efficiency.

Globally, our team has guided over two hundred public and private partners through complex service planning exercises and feasibility studies. We are ready to support you too.

How we can help.

Adaptability and flexibility are key, as each community and network requires a custom approach. Our wide range of offerings include:

Via's Driver Partners in a meeting.

Driver management

Whether independent driver-partners or transportation service providers, we can help you manage things like real-time shift planning, background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and much more.

Graphic showing out-of-home advertising for Via's partners.


Offset costs and unlock new revenue streams for your service with Via Media Solutions. Digital out-of-home advertising helps your fleet stand out while improving communication with your riders.

Via marketing planning.


Grow ridership, build brand excitement and loyalty, and market your service directly to your target audience with our team’s real-world expertise and proven outreach strategies.

Via electric (EV) and autonomous (AV) vehicle charging.

AVs and EVs

Power your fleet with electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles — two ways to make a real impact while also making a statement.

Via customer service representative.

Driver and Rider Support

Make sure your drivers and riders get the information and answers they need, quickly and efficiently, with our robust support network.

Network resilience strategies

Guide dynamic, multimodal service planning for on-demand and fixed-route surface transit through stresses and shocks.

Transit innovation studies

Modernize public transportation networks with new strategies, technologies, and approaches.

Public engagement

Include stakeholder and community outreach and participation to ensure the community has input in the design of new transit services.

Transit feasibility studies

Assess where and how on-demand transit can be implemented in a service area, leveraging Via’s simulation tools and experience.

Paratransit studies

Evaluate the potential for new technologies and approaches to improve the efficiency and quality of accessible services.

Implementation plans and funding strategies

Provide in-depth financial modeling for innovative transit services based on Via’s vast operating experience around the globe.

Transit network redesigns

Leverage proprietary Via and Remix tools to optimize fixed route bus services through on-demand transit and other innovative modes.

Cost-benefit analysis

Analyze the impact of transit network adjustments and the introduction of new modes and technologies.

Simulation studies

Use proprietary tools to project demand and simulate on-demand transit and multimodal networks.

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