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Visual Storytelling Made Better with Remix Streets’ Advanced Editing 2.0

With Advanced Editing 2.0, transportation practitioners can refine designs with accurate street corners and intersections.

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Last year we launched Advanced Editing in Remix Streets to help transportation professionals bring a heightened level of accuracy for more persuasive storytelling and faster consensus building. 

We loved seeing what cities were able to build with better tools for drawing lane tapers and transitions. New Orleans, for example, built out several scenarios reimagining the French Quarter. The team was able to draft traffic diversions and pedestrianization scenarios quickly in order to bring a productive conversation to the public at a faster timeline.

New Orleans used Remix Streets to create designs focused on improving the safety of bicyclists.

With such exciting results, we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to Remix Streets: Advanced Editing 2.0. With Advanced Editing 2.0, transportation practitioners can refine designs with accurate street corners and intersections. 

Here’s a before and after to help you understand what Advanced Editing 2.0 can help you achieve:

Advanced Editing 2.0 transforms your original design (left) to better reflect intersection conditions and envision safer outcomes for all users of the road (right).

The final output (right) is not only beautiful, but also accurate enough to help carry your ideas across teams and gain support from engineers. With engineering software or other design tools not specifically designed for right-of-way design, a single intersection can take hours to draft. However, with Remix, it’s quick. Here’s how in four steps:

1. Measure the right-of-way.

Use Remix's satellite imagery and ruler tool to put together measurements quickly. Ensuring measurements early in the drafting stage can help avoid distracting or awkward conversation with collaborators and stakeholders.


2. Quickly adjust the radii and curvature of your street corners.

Use Remix's drag-and-drop interface to accurately adjust corner radii and curvatures.


3. Add finishing touches to your intersection with lane extensions, cross walks, and stop bars.

When Advanced Editing 2.0 features are paired with Remix's Street Elements, the intersection comes to life.


4. Envision beyond your existing conditions to achieve your safety and Vision Zero goals.

In the following videos, Remix is used to envision connected and protected bike lanes.


Save time on concept designs so that you can focus on the collaborative and outreach work that really moves the needle. Interested in seeing what Remix Streets can do for your designs? We can schedule some time to show you. Reach out to us at