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Meet the New Remix

Meet New Remix, designed to be more intuitive, flexible, and more powerfully multimodal.

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Our goal at Remix has always been to help people build more livable cities through data-driven visual storytelling, collaboration, and consensus building. As our community continues to grow well past 400 cities across the globe, and after joining Via to offer an end-to-end TransitTech platform, it was about time for Remix to evolve as well and add new capabilities for our partners. Today we are thrilled for you to meet New Remix, a redesign of our entire solution. 

Why New Remix? 

Via and Remix’s vision is to help cities plan, operate, and optimize transportation networks in a single, streamlined platform. In order to achieve this vision, we have built the Remix platform to be more intuitive, flexible, and more powerfully multimodal, helping you better visualize the whole of your network, and not just parts. 

What Does New Remix Mean for You? 

Built for our users with three goals in mind: 

1) Improve ease of use

New Remix improves discoverability of tools and lowers the barrier to planning for users within an agency -- regardless of their background and prior experience. Whether your agency is preparing its community engagement for a new BRT line or presenting proposed changes at an upcoming board meeting, you will find the tools in Remix easier to find and simpler to use.

Presentation Studio and tools for stakeholder engagement, like Commenting, are more discoverable with New Remix.

Additionally, new “Undo-Redo” functionality in our Transit Planning solution minimizes the cost of making drawing mistakes. Simply click “Undo” in order to correct mistakes when drawing or modifying transit lines.New “Undo-Redo” functionality makes drawing or modifying transit lines an even quicker and more stress-free experience. 

2) Increase storytelling capabilities

We have always prioritized the value of storytelling to build support and consensus for planning projects. Now with New Remix, all users have access to a full suite of drawing capabilities for better visual storytelling. Whether your project needs a visual representation of a transit hub or demographic data around a highly trafficked corridor, use Remix’s “Polygon” and “Multimodal line” drawing tools to add both the illustration and data analysis to your map. 

With New Remix, all users receive additional drawing capabilities like customizable “Polygons” and “Multimodal Lines” for drawing sidewalks, bike corridors, emergency routes, and more.


3) Enhance collaboration across teams for better multimodal planning  

With New Remix, the process to save and share projects is streamlined so that users can share projects with colleagues with added ease and clarity. Whether your Remix project includes transit data, demographic layers, or hand-drawn shapes, what you see in your project is exactly how your colleagues will see it when you share your map.

Easily draw bike lanes in a transit map to collaborate across departments and improve multimodal outcomes for the entire transportation network. 

Capital Metro in Austin, TX is no stranger to using Remix for tackling big projects like a system redesign, but with New Remix, the agency finds it easier to use our planning solution for their day-to-day needs. Lawrence Deeter, CapMetro’s Principal Planner, now uses Remix everyday.

"With these new updates, Remix is increasingly the one-stop shop for the planning and analysis work I need to do throughout my day. Whether it’s answering a board member question or doing an analysis, I’m using Remix every single day. It’s right up there with Microsoft tools, even as high up as Excel. It’s a must-use everyday program." -- Lawrence Deeter, Principal Planner with Capital Metro in Austin, TX

"Whether it’s answering a board member question or doing an analysis, I’m using Remix every single day."

What’s next for New Remix? 

The driving North Star for New Remix is to support a robust suite of capabilities that provides a stronger bridge between planning and operations and helps users bring a complete multimodal lens to planning. With New Remix, we will soon be able to offer solutions for planning additional modes, like on-demand and other flexible mobility programs. Stay tuned for future releases.

Are you an existing customer and would like more information on New Remix? Please reach out to your Partner Success Manager. Are you new to Remix by Via and would like to learn more? Reach out here