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The Via

Are you interested in applying algorithms to improve mobility?

Better solutions for mass transportation challenges help make the world greener, more equitable and more accessible.

This involves studying a wide range of topics:

  • Vehicle routing problems
  • Resource allocation problems
  • Route design for public transportation and school buses
  • Real time responses to changing conditions and ride hailing requests
  • Parameterized complexity: what makes an instance of a difficult problem solvable?
  • Flexible formalisms for discrete optimization problems (like Decision Diagrams and Mixed Integer Programming), and their solution strategies

Via is offering awards to outstanding students whose research can impact the future of mobility.

Recipients will receive:

  • Up to1 5000 NIS per month over the course of one year.
  • A one-time grant of 5000 NIS for research and travel expenses.

Click here for more details about the award.

Want to hear more?

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about the kind of challenges we consider to be pivotal for the future of mass transit, and the Via TransitTech award.

Sunday, August 9th
10AM-12PM Israel Time (IDT)

Speakers and topics:

Dr. Amitai Netser,

Lead Scientist –

Large Scale Discrete

Optimization Challenges

Dr. Hila Sheftel,

Data Scientist –

Decision Making in

Conditions of Uncertainty

Dr. Oren Shoval,

Co Founder & CTO –

What will smart

mobility look like?

Dr. Shmuel Marcovitch,

VP Algo-Routing

For other questions or comments please reach out to: Maayan Diskin, Via Human Resources, Tel Aviv

1 Actual amount may vary according to the policy of the academic institution.

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