Word on the Street: How to use microtransit data, FTA’s new grant, and other transit news.

ViaVan and BVG receive German Federal Inclusion Award for BerlKönig service

Demonstrates the power of on-demand technology for the future of inclusive mobility services

Business Insider NL: “Shell and Uber competitor ViaVan start electric taxi service in Amsterdam – it begins with a few vehicles, but the goal is 100% electric”

ViaVan and Shell launch fast-charging EV shared ride project in Amsterdam

Aims to realize the potential of shared electric fleets in urban environments

Report: On-demand transit can help solve the urban mobility conundrum

A new study by Boston Consulting Group takes a close look at on-demand microtransit, with results decidedly showing that “on-demand transit services work,” with the potential to reduce traffic by 15-30% while providing a more efficient and comfortable way of traveling.

ViaVan launches new on-demand shared ride service in Bielefeld with moBiel

Marks ViaVan’s third public sector deployment in Germany from mid-size to urban environments

ViaVan announces first fully electric fleet for on-demand shared rides in the UK

And announces a partnership with Milton Keynes Council to ensure the future of green, shared mobility

ViaVan launches its first on-demand mobility service in Finland with HSL

ViaVan launches app for new first/last mile service with BVG in Brandenburg

ViaVan receives 3-year license renewal from TfL in London

ViaVan and Debono Group launch Malta’s first-ever ridesharing service

ViaVan results strong for on-demand shared transit at Mercedes-Benz Bremen plant