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Sindiônibus and Via Launch New On-Demand Public Transportation Service in Fortaleza, Brazil

TopBus+ marks Via’s second deployment in Brazil, serving the South American country’s fourth largest metropolitan area.

Environment Canterbury chooses Via and Ritchies to develop on-demand public transport in Timaru

The two companies will blend international expertise and local knowledge, developing a new public transportation model across the New Zealand city in 2020

The Top Four Questions to Ask Before Investing in Microtransit

As public transportation ridership declines and traffic congestion reaches an all-time high, transit leaders are looking to build a new solution.

Cupertino Taps Via to Provide New On-Demand Public Transportation Network

‘Link On Demand’ Popularity Surges as Colorado Commuters Turn to On-Demand Public Transit

Via Launches First On-Demand Deployment in Ontario with Sault Ste. Marie Transit Services

ViaVan Launches App for New First/Last Mile Service with BVG in Brandenburg

Via and Trinity Metro Launch ZIPZONE, Connecting Fort Worth Residents to Public Transit

Via Launches ‘COTA Plus’ On-Demand Transit in Partnership with Central Ohio Transit Authority

Via Launches ‘Ride On Flex’ On-Demand Transit in Partnership with MCDOT

Via Launches On-Demand Public Transit in Tel Aviv

Bekasi and Via Launch TRON to Transform Riding Angkot in Indonesia