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Via takes over Berlin paratransit service for people with disabilities: “BerlMobil” service can now be booked online and through a mobile app 

KelRide project launches on-demand ridepooling service

KEXI, an on-demand transport service based on Via's technology, launches as the first phase of the KelRide project underway in the District of Kelheim

South of Germany to become the center of autonomous mobility

BMVI grants funding notification: For the KelRide project, 6 partners from technology and mobility industries, the public sector, and science will launch Germany’s first autonomous, weatherproof, and on-demand ride-pooling solution that will be integrated into public transport by 2023

Via selected to operate new on-demand public transit service “sprinti” in Hannover, Germany

Ruhrbahn and Via launch Bussi, and on-demand transit service in Essen

SSB Flex 2.0 – ViaVan powers Stuttgart’s next generation of on-demand public transport

ViaVan and Stadtbus Gütersloh GmbH launch new on-demand public transport service

“Shuttle - Holt dich ab” expands access to affordable, efficient, convenient public transport in Gütersloh

ViaVan announces partnership with KVB in Cologne for new on-demand public transport service

“Isi” will complement and extend Cologne’s public transport network, powered by technology from ViaVan

ViaVan and WSW launch on-demand public transit service in Wuppertal, Germany

ViaVan and SWN Verkehr launch new on-demand mobility service in Neumünster

"Hin&Wech" will encourage sustainable, shared public transport use

ViaVan and STOAG launch electric on-demand transit service in Oberhausen, Germany

Technology fills the gaps in evening transport hours, and complements the fixed route network of STOAG

ViaVan launches a shared ride service in Lübeck with SVHL

Powered by ViaVan’s technology, LÜMO will expand late-night weekend access to public transit

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