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Remix Scheduling lets you make smarter service decisions by combining the art and the science of scheduling. With multiple runcut options, easy GTFS exports, and lightning-fast outputs, you can move away from manual tools and cumbersome software to intuitive rosters and actionable recommendations.

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Make even smarter decisions

Assess multiple runcut options at once and visualize the answers to “How much?” “How fast?” and “How often?” Remix’s algorithm considers your agency’s preferences and parameters to create multiple optimized options – in just a few minutes – with easy-to-understand tradeoffs, so you can make confident decisions and move on.

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Compliant GTFS data, in a click

Never again fear a weekend service change. With a simple click, you can create complete and accurate GTFS data for immediate upload, so your riders can stay informed and plan accurate trips.

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All in one place

When planning and scheduling take place together in a single software platform, great things happen: processes speed up, stakeholders align, and schedules are accurate. With Remix Planning and Scheduling, you can move seamlessly from one step to another as you make changes, pass along timetables, schedule your vehicles and operators, and start the bidding process.

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Never again start from scratch

Remix Scheduling imports timetables and previous bids so you’re always building on what you know. You’re able to stay nimble during the bid process with the dynamic link between timetables and the rest of the scheduling suite. As your needs change, you can make edits and see updates flow through with a few clicks.

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