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Remix by Via provides the first transit planning software for on-demand and other flexible mobility services. Optimize your transportation services with an on-demand plan that is data-driven, integrated with the fixed-route network, and designed to make collaboration easy.

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Use data to visualize and fill service gaps.

Visually explore multiple concepts with instant demographic calculations, and evaluate which communities benefit most from on-demand programs. Regardless of experience, role or department, anyone can use Remix by Via to draw meaningful, data-driven insights.

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Leverage powerful algorithms to better understand tradeoffs.

Remix by Via's On-demand Planning leverages Via’s algorithms to model tradeoffs between service quality and cost. Proprietary data from over 200 Via deployments and 100 million shared Via rides provide users with the flexibility to model how on-demand service can fit into their community.

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Bring integrated mobility to planning and optimize the whole network.

By integrating on-demand planning with fixed-route planning and other modes, you ensure that all your transportation offerings complement each other. Remix by Via is redesigned to help you understand how to optimize your whole network, not just parts.

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Build consensus faster
through collaboration.

Streamline work within and across teams with collaborative tools, and add clarity to multi-stakeholder conversations. Consensus building can be half the battle and Remix by Via helps agencies gain buy-in faster.

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Turn your design plans into a service reality.

Power your plans with Via’s operational expertise: manage operations in a single platform, grow ridership, and continually optimize with reporting and analytics. With an end-to-end solution, agencies can seamlessly plan, operate, and optimize.

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Learn more about Remix's solutions.

This is just the beginning of how Remix's public transportation planning software can help. See more features and functionality specific to your needs by exploring and combining different solutions below.

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