Bring your transportation data together quickly and easily.

Unlock your team’s access to key data sets by getting them into Remix through a variety of different options — directly upload and style standard GIS datasets yourself; automatically update from your organization’s GIS server; create new points, lines, and polygons directly in the UI; or work with our data visualization team to create new layers tailored for the questions you need to answer.

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Combine and analyze datasets to uncover multimodal insights.

Quickly evaluate new proposals with purpose-built statistics from dozens of relevant data sets - no manual calculations required! Ask questions, gut-check with detailed census breakdown tables, and better understand the communities nearby that might benefit.


“Explore gives us a quick glimpse of relevant data. It's easy to look at Explore and get the information needed. And that saves us time.”

—Greg Shriefer, Transit Planner

essential employee neighborhood mapEssential employees per sq. mile

Curate the map to explore ideas or tell a compelling story.

Estimate the scale of the solution and explore multiple concepts with instant demographic calculations before planning more detailed scenarios. Integrate equity as a first step in your workflow, instead of an afterthought.

essential employee neighborhood mapadding additional microtransit service commentEssential employees per sq. mile

Share ideas to gather feedback, build consensus, and move into action.

Curate beautiful data visualizations that communicate the logic behind your plans to bring internal and external stakeholders along the journey. Get feedback with commenting and collaboration across your projects.


From planning and GIS to engineering and marketing, multiple departments at Västtrafik use transportation and demographic data to inform hundreds of decisions every day and democratize access to critical data.

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Control access to sensitive or non-public data.

Configure permissions to ensure that the right individuals in your organization have access to sensitive data sets and take comfort in Remix’s track record in deploying industry best practices in our GIS software for safeguarding data.

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