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Launching a successful autonomous public transit network

Learn how Arlington, Texas, integrated autonomous vehicles into the public transit network, plus comprehensive guidelines for launching AV services at scale.

In the spring of 2021, Arlington introduced RAPID, the nation’s first on-demand, autonomous public transportation service, into its transit network through a partnership with Via and May Mobility. Ever since its launch, RAPID has enabled local residents to experience useful, convenient, and efficient autonomous transit and has enhanced the accessibility of the city’s entire public transportation system.

In this webinar, industry leaders provide hands-on guidance for leveraging innovative, AV-powered public transit and strategies to plan, fund, and grow these services. Panelists also reveal Arlington RAPID’s performance data and discuss rider feedback.


  • Mischa Wanek-Libman, Executive Editor, Mass Transit
  • Ann W. Foss, Transportation Planning and Program Manager, City of Arlington Texas
  • Daisy Wall, Director of Government Business, May Mobility
  • Meghan Grela, Autonomous Lead, Via

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