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How to scale your online grocery delivery service

Join Via's Avi Friedman to hear the latest trends, challenges, and key steps to building a better delivery service — all in less than 15 minutes.

Avi Friedman

Delivery and Logistics Lead, Via

Interested in growing your online grocery business, or starting a delivery service from scratch? You’re not alone.

Online grocery services are in the midst of an unprecedented boom, reaching a peak of $7.2B back in June, dwarfing sales of $1.2B in August of 2019. Today, grocers around the world are looking to streamline existing delivery networks, or launch a new online service to compete with roaring demand.

The good news: We can show you the basics in just a few short minutes. Join Avi Friedman, the Principal of Logistics and Delivery Platforms at Via, as he explains the:

  • Latest trends & consumer preferences in grocery delivery
  • Unique issues when operating a delivery service
  • New technology needs to meets customer expectations
  • Benefits of owning your own delivery experience
  • What to look for in your technology partner

Join us on this brief tour as we walk you through the key steps. Ready for big results? Your journey starts in just 15 minutes.

And interested in learning more about Via Logistics? See how we’re using technology to power more efficient and scalable last-mile deliveries.

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