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Word on the Street: The great transit comeback of 2020

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From Malta to Utah, we’ve pulled the data and consulted the experts to bring you all of the latest in public transportation.

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From rural transit in Canada to an on-demand fix in Malta, learn what we mean when we say ‘transit that’s custom-built for your community’: First by hearing from those who’ve made it happen, and then by exploring some of our solutions yourself. Let’s jump in.

Microtransit won’t cannibalize traditional public transit.

The rumor: “Why is microtransit reinventing the wheel? On-demand shuttles are just going to take riders out of buses and trains!”

The truth: All transit ships rise with the on-demand tide, and we have the data to prove it. Learn how to poach passengers from private vehicles and grow public transit ridership with microtransit.

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Transit leaders show receipts: microtransit brings riders back, faster. (WATCH)

Transit leaders from Salt Lake City, Ontario, Jersey City, and LA speak candidly about why on-demand public transit is drawing passengers back at an accelerated pace.

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The city that brought microtransit to rural America

Rodger Lentz, Chief Planning and Development Officer for Wilson, North Carolina, reveals why a small city 40 miles east of Raleigh is investing in the future of transportation.



How to get people to ditch their cars. For real.

Thanks to the Cool ridesharing service, reducing congestion across the island of Malta is no longer a far-flung concept. CEO Laura Jasenaite walks us through how to grow a sustainability-focused service that resonates with riders.

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BYOS: Build your own service.

Microtransit isn’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on the problems you want to solve, we’ll pinpoint the components of a microtransit solution you shouldn’t live without.

You know your community’s transportation challenges. We know how to solve them.

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