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Industry insights

3 ways to save money with microtransit

  •   3 min read
Cities and transit agencies across the country are using microtransit to save money while delivering higher-quality service: read on to learn about three ways we can measure those savings.

5 myths about using TransitTech in rural transportation networks

  •   4 min read
Think rural transportation is not compatible with modern technology? Think again. Here are five common misconceptions — and the transit agencies who've debunked them.
Data Snack

Here are the biggest transportation challenges as ranked by rural residents

  •   < 1 min read
Our Data Snack series takes a visual approach to the world’s most important transportation insights. Understand the newest trends so that you can make your next transit decision with confidence.

Want more riders, better service, and lower expenses? See how this town is achieving all three.

  •   3 min read
Imagine cutting your cost per trip in half, while increasing adoption of public transit by more than 20%. The City of Gainesville, Georgia, has a population of less than 50,000 residents and did just that.
Industry insights

Microtransit for Old Town Roads: Planning and funding rural on-demand transit in the Southeast.

  •   6 min read
There have traditionally been major roadblocks to building reliable rural public transportation in the Southeast. But today, rural communities are tapping new funding to build successful on-demand public transit networks.

These 4 cities are widening access to COVID-19 vaccinations with on-demand transportation.

  •   3 min read
In order to speed up herd immunity, four cities are proactively building flexible transit networks that will accelerate the number of doses distributed.
Industry insights

Microtransit myth: On-demand public transit is too expensive

  •   3 min read
Think going on-demand will drain your budgets? Think again. See the proof that shows communities can actually save money when switching to microtransit.

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