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Introducing Shared Taxi – a new way to ride

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New Yorkers have relied on taxis to get around since the early 1900s. From horse-drawn carriages to hybrid vehicles, the NYC cab has evolved as much as the city itself – and is now about to take another step towards the future with us!

Using our smart, on-demand technology, we’re partnering with our friends at Curb to bring the iconic yellow cab into the ridesharing age with Via Shared Taxi!

Starting today, you’ll have the option to book a Shared Taxi ride within the Via app (in addition to a regular Via). The icing on the transportation cake? You’ll get a 40% discount off the metered fare for any portion of your trip that is shared.

Here’s how it works:

– Request a ride through the Via app; if our algorithm finds a nearby available taxi, you’ll see a new booking option: Shared Taxi. No more hailing cabs from the curb!

– Just like any other Via, the Shared Taxi will pick you up on a nearby street corner.

– Shared Taxi fares are calculated using the meter. If we find another party headed your way, we’ll seamlessly match you and you’ll save 40% on any shared portions of your trip!

– No cash necessary! You’ll pay and tip directly through the app. A default tip of $1 will apply to each Shared Taxi ride. You can adjust the tip amount any time before your dropoff.

We’re so excited to continue building a transit system that works for everyone, everywhere. As always, send us feedback at – we’d love to hear about your Shared Taxi experience!

In love and ridesharing for all,

Team Via NYC

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