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Increase in ridership since launch in January 2023


More jobs available within 30 minutes


Decrease in CO2 emissions per passenger mile



Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) sought to introduce a flexible, sustainable transit option to augment its fixed-route network and expand regional connectivity. As a member of NEORide’s consortium of 20+ midwest agencies, TARTA was able to tap into the organization's procurement vehicle and quickly access Via’s software and launch support to deploy an on-demand service in just 12 weeks. In January 2023, TARTA and Via launched a microtransit service called TARTA Flex, which replaced the agency’s legacy Call-A-Ride services.



Powered by Via’s proprietary algorithms, the fleet is dynamically routed within three separate zones based on rider demand. Riders book their on-demand and pre-scheduled rides in a mobile app, by phone, or web portal. The service zones cover areas fixed-route lines do not reach and riders who are 65+ can also access an extended service area.

To ensure that the service fits seamlessly into the larger transit system, Via’s software facilitates integration with EZFare — a familiar payment system that lets riders use a single app across different modes of transportation. TARTA Flex riders can also transfer to fixed-route lines for free.

Since launch in January 2023, ridership has grown 47%. TARTA Flex has been well-received by riders, earning a 4.9 out of 5 rating. The service has also had notable socioeconomic impact, enabling access to 97.5% more jobs in the service area within 30 minutes.




Across America we need to conserve energy, roads and so forth, and this is just another opportunity to take advantage of another tool in our toolbox.

Tim Pedro
Waterville Mayor

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