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Case Study


Northern New Mexico



Use Case

Fixed Route Planning, Scheduling




sq mi service zone


staff time reduction, per bid


fewer shifts required



The team at North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD) faces a formidable challenge: providing transit services across approximately 10,000 sq miles of rural northern New Mexico. With a mix of fixed-route and demand-responsive bus services, NCRTD links small cities like Santa Fe and Taos, rural communities, and Native pueblos across the state. But after COVID disrupted demand patterns, and a driver shortage forced route cancellations and consolidations, NCRTD’s team found themselves making route modifications on a weekly basis — impossible in such a large and complex system without Remix.



Now one staff member can complete NCRTD’s bi-annual service re-bid process, which previously took a month of staff time, in a single day. Remix automatically catches the kinds of errors that were inevitable in the pen-and-paper planning and scheduling process. By drastically reducing the staff time required to make route modifications, Remix has made it possible for NCRTD to make more frequent changes in response to community needs and requests. Remix’s runcuts and rosters make better use of NCRTD’s limited driver pool: the agency was able to reduce the number of driver shifts required for its network by 20%. NCRTD’s transit system is now more efficient — both in staff and driver time — and more flexible, ready to meet any challenges ahead.




One thing I love Remix for is that customer support is always available. I don’t care if it’s early in the morning or late at night, or I send an email or I place the call, whoever is project-managing the program is waiting for that call. And always respond in a timely manner.”

Delilah Garcia
Transit Operations Director, North Central Regional Transit District

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