Case Study


Wales, UK




Use Case

Digital demand-responsive transport (DDRT), First-and-last-mile


29 vehicles


Distinct zones run by 11 different operators


Of passengers with cars now drive less


Rides across Wales Since launch


Transport for Wales (TfW), The Welsh Government’s transportation authority, was looking to provide safe, affordable transportation and connect its citizens to essential destinations — all while complementing the existing fixed route bus network. 

They partnered with Via to create one unified, tech-enabled network called fflecsi, which launched in May 2020 as a three month pilot program. For the first time, bus operators were in direct coordination with local councils across multiple rural, urban and suburban areas in order to consolidate the network.

Passengers book trips in the fflecsi app or by phone, and are offered either the best available DRT trip or a fixed-route option (where available).


The service began with a single zone and quickly expanded into
a nationwide transport network, powered by Via’s tech-enabled flexible routing software. 

Today, fflecsi operates across 12 zones, with 11 different bus operators, using a mix of demand-responsive solutions, including on-demand, pre-booking and hybrid services, all designed to meet the travel needs of each community. In some areas the service works alongside the existing fixed routes, while in others it has replaced fixed lines.

The service has been wildly popular. 89% of passengers would recommend fflecsi to a friend or relative. Despite the service’s launch during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, ridership has steadily increased and riders have taken about 175,000 rides since mid-2020. 73% of passengers choose to leave their private vehicles at home more often to ride with fflecsi. The service was successful in encouraging riders to use public transport, despite generally declining public transport usage in Wales. ~10% of riders had never used public transport before fflecsi.

The TfW fflecsi service has demonstrated how demand responsive transport (DRT) can play a vital part in transforming public transport in other parts of Wales including the fflecsi 152 service in the Rhondda Valleys, and we are delighted to be playing a part in delivering this innovative new service for TfW and Blaenau Gwent Council."

Nigel Winter
Managing Director, Stagecoach

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