Case Study

Arlington RAPID

Arlington, Texas, USA



Use Case

General transportation


5 vehicles (1 WAV)


minute average ETA


average rider rating


on-time performance


In 2020, the City of Arlington was awarded a $1.7 million grant through the Federal Transit Administration’s Integrated Mobility Innovation Program to integrate autonomous vehicles into the existing Via on-demand rideshare service. Arlington RAPID was one of 25 projects in the country to receive funding under the program, which supports projects that use innovative technologies and processes to improve access to public transportation, increase public transportation efficiency, and enhance the overall rider experience.


The Arlington RAPID pilot program is the first in the United States to integrate on-demand autonomous vehicles into an existing public transportation service. A fleet of five self-driving vehicles, including a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, is available within the RAPID service area, which includes the Downtown Library, City Hall, the University of Texas Arlington and numerous restaurants, offices, and businesses. May Mobility is providing the fleet of five autonomous vehicles — they are self-driving, but a trained Autonomous Vehicle Operator will be in the driver’s seat at all times.

Arlington RAPID continues to scale up its operations, going from private only to shared rides in the summer of 2021 following updated COVID-19 guidance. Ride volumes are steadily increasing, reaching more than 100 per day in August 2021, with ~10-minute ETAs, 97% on-time performance, and overwhelmingly positive user feedback (4.9/5 average ride rating). UTA students, whose rides are free, make up 95% of the rider base.

This opportunity will play a crucial role in advancing our technology development and our overall mission to transform cities with safe, clean, and accessible self-driving shuttles.”

Edwin Olson
Co-founder and CEO, May Mobility

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