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What is BusGo?
BusGo is developed in conjunction with the six-month On-Demand Public Bus trial commissioned by the Land Transport Authority, which allows commuters to book an on-demand public bus ride at any bus stops within defined areas.

When and where does BusGo operate?
BusGo operates in Joo Koon on weekdays, except public holidays from 11.00am to 3.00pm and 8.30pm to 11.30pm.

Which platform(s) is BusGo supported on?
BusGo is supported on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

How do I create a BusGo account?
If this is your first time using BusGo, you will need to select ‘Sign Up” on the Home Page to create an account before you can book a ride.
Step One: Click on the “Sign Up” button in the home screen of the app.
Step Two: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen, such as name, e-mail address and contact number. You can even add a photo if you like!
Step Three: If you are a Passenger-in-Wheelchair, please also indicate this accordingly. As a PIW, you would be assured of an available wheelchair space onboard the bus, each time an ODPB ride is booked.
Once the above is complete, press “Join” and you’ll be ready to ride!
If you already have an account, you can simply click “Log-In” and enter your credentials.

How do I change my account information?
If you need to change your contact number or email address, hover on the side bar of the application on the left (look out for the three horizontal lines), and then click on your Profile.
Please note that if you are amending your phone number, we will also  send you a verification code. .

How do I pay for my ODPB ride?
Commuters can pay their fares using CEPAS cards, supported bank cards, mobile phones or cash like any other public transport ride. For a start, commuters taking the weekday ODPB services will be charged a promotional fare based on a fixed distance of 3.2km.
For this trial, in-app credit card payment is not supported.

How do I book a ride?
You may book a ride on an ODPB in three easy steps:
Step One: Move the blue marker to your desired pick-up location or select a bus stop on the map and press “Set Pickup”. You may need to zoom into the map for the bus stops to appear. You may also type your address in the search bar to indicate your current location.
Step Two: Repeat Step 1 and press “Set Drop-off”.

Step Three: BusGo will provide a ride offer, which can either be an ODPB bus, or a regular bus service.  You will find the estimated arrival time of the assigned bus and walking directions, where applicable.

How do I cancel a ride?
You may cancel the ride any time before boarding, by clicking on the “Cancel Ride” button at the bottom of the screen. However, to avoid cancelling a ride, you are encouraged to only book a ride when you are ready to board an ODPB bus. Please note that frequent cancellations may result in a temporary suspension of your BusGo account.

Where do I wait for my bus?
The ODPB will only pick-up and drop-off commuters at bus stops.   If you have selected a building or any other landmarks as your pick-up or drop-off point, BusGo will assign a bus stop to you and you will be provided with walking directions.
BusGo will provide you with real-time updates on the location of your bus and will alert you when the bus is two minutes away. Please note that the bus would not wait for you at the bus stop. Hence, please ensure that you are at the bus stop ahead of time.

How do I know which ODPB bus to board?
Once you have successfully booked an ODPB ride, you will be presented with an e-boarding ticket, which would indicate the service identifier, e.g. JK-1, alongside the bus registration number. The service identifier, e.g. JK-1, would be prominently displayed on the front, side and rear of the buses.

What do I do when the bus arrives?
Upon boarding, please present the e-boarding ticket to the Bus Captain for verification. To display this e-boarding ticket, please click on the ‘Hand’ button on the bottom-right of the screen.
Once the Bus Captain has verified your e-boarding ticket, please pay your bus fare by tapping your CEPAS or supporting-bank cards on the bus fare consoles, or by cash.

Will I be able to board if I have not made a prior booking?
To use BusGo, a prior booking has to be made, with a confirmed ride offer given, before one is able to use the ODPB. Commuters are strictly not allowed to board an ODPB without making a prior booking.

If we are traveling in a group, do we need to make individual bookings?
BusGo accepts up to 10 passengers in a single booking and you can indicate this by adjusting the passenger numbers during the booking process. For such group bookings made, only one booking is needed and there will only be one e-boarding ticket issued.

Will I be able to use the ODPB service if I am a Passenger-in-Wheelchair?
All the buses deployed are wheelchair-accessible, hence PIWs may use the service.

How do I provide feedback?
In the Menu, please click on “Contact BusGo”, and you would find the “Email Us” button. We strive to reply to your feedback within 14 working days, or earlier.

Can I change my drop-off point once I am onboard the bus?
You would not be allowed to amend your drop-off point once onboard the bus. As such, please select the correct drop-off point at the time of booking.

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