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Save even more on Via with pre-tax dollars!

Dear Via-istas, Happy New Year! 2015 was our best year yet and we’re kicking off 2016 with amazing news for commuters. Last month, Congress voted to increase the monthly deduction limit for pre-tax commuter benefits to $255 from $130. Way to go, lawmakers! This means you can now put aside even more income tax-free dollars […]

We’ve expanded down to 14th Street!!

Dear Via-istas, It’s official – Via service now extends all the way from 14th St to 110th St! From Union Square to Chelsea Market to the top of Central Park, you can cruise around the city in style for just $5 a ride.

Via’s New Referral Program

Via-istas, you’ve been amazing at asking/lovingly nudging/strong-arming your friends to try Via. Who knew you guys knew so many people?? Starting January 5th, anyone you refer will be granted $10 of Ride Credit when they sign up for Via.